Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stop and smell the roses

This week end somethings just grabbed me  Blogger would not let me in so if your seeing this again you know I  have just copied this of my Facebook note I know some of you are not on face book I just had to share.
 So here I am.  
 It was a relatively wet weekend but that didn't stop the Kyneton show from going on. and the sunshine in the breaks in the rain were just spectacular.
 On Friday night the rainbow over the tiny ute muster at the Kyneton show( not a stand out show but still good enough).

I couldn't get an entry to the show for a crafty thing. I really wanted to but my machine died and then apathy attacked. 

 My fire cracker waiting for fire works.

When i saw a perfect rose on Saturday morning that i had grown in my garden (Ialwaydthoughti was a black finger ) with rain drops on it it cheered me up and had ME singing  you know the song  lol corny I know but it had me.

That night i made a nighty for me and finished a dress that i had started form a beautiful printed  poppy stretch satin (Oh she was a bitch to sew on the old machine i borrowed but the baking paper trick did it.

wrap dress , nightie

 Made some hats and a peace hat for a little baby due very soon.

Today was glorious sunshine after the rain and a perfect day for the Malmsbury fayre( yeah i know it's the way they spellt it )  so Zoe had he ruffle pants on and our new hats she has 3 again after last year something togowithevery style but I better make he one to go with pink.  I got so many compliments on our hats and her pants.  I'll be smiling for weeks.  Whilst there we met or dear friends Victoria and Libby and many neighbours. Just a Divine weekend all in all.  Complete with sound track haha
 Umbrella, THe rainbow song,Firework, Favourite things, Sunshine after rain and Walking on sunshine. 
 now to eat dinner of chirrozo sausage and penne and  desert of passion fruit sponge.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I disappeared for a while because  some earlier posts hit some ones pride button.  So, I say again this blog is about how my life affects my creativity and with out the challenges in my life I would not have the impetus for creating anything.. See, I am defiant by nature and after I get over what ever challenges I encounter I tend to stand up and fight in my own way that may be sewing cooking or just doing better and being fabulous.  

 You helped to shape me and your actions towards me have also inspired creativity and the burn to do well thankyou  my abusers and one of their wives. I wish you well but Iwill say what i say just as you doand i will keep my own integrity and be true to my self  You arepart of it and if after 10years you cannot let go then I was worth something wasn't I?

 I have nothing to hide now I am Proud of who I am and you can never take that away So, I have some things to share since I threw up the privacy walls. I didn't stop sewing because I stopped blogging. actually I was never a super diligent blogger any way. Haha.

In the meantime I have been making A few things.

Dragon dress

Pink hair and lots of loving.
Farbenmix "Emma" amd my leggins and shrug in lime velour and satin at Pt Lonsdale

Satin baby doll pyjamas from Enid Gilchrist (vintage 50's)
ENid again early 1960's play suit altered to have open legs rather than bloomers.
Portabellopixie ruffle pants
Portabellopixie Grace
Poppy cock Recipe here replace Karo with maple syrup don't worry bout the butter flavouring ( WTF) We used  pecans and almonds YUM!

A real tutu that stands out!
My first tutu its a real sewn tutu  thanks to Clairebear
The roses I grew that smell devine
Ummmmmm i think i better sell some of these  oops 
And someting for the comunity I will be there.
 I also found a Found a kindred spirit who has helped me no end :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sewing a pair of snuggly socks

Well it is cold here even though its sunny. And Lisa over at Crafty Mammas  was making socks from the Jaile pattern (i don't have that ) but I did find this tutorial for sewing socks like Lisa was making. I looked at the shapes and thought I can do this so I had a go and they worked I really have to share this one as you will get a heap of use out of it and its soooo so easy to do in a few minutes.

Trace around selected foot then place it on 2 small stretchy pieces of fabric.  with the biggest stretch going across the foot.

Measure ankle. (15 cm here)

cut out around the foot shape leaving a very small seam allowance.

cut out 2 strips as long as you want  but the same width as half the ankle -1 cm
pin the heal in place see i am using the right needle and sew the heel to the bottom of a curved  strip  like in the Jalie  clip I used a wide flat lock here
Lift the needle and foot and pull out of the over locker there will be threads do not cut yet

chain off before you cut the threads or you will have to re thread again(learnt this the hard way!) you can see the threads in the top left  corner of this picture.

get the top strip and join with the oval on the bottom of the foot peice 

When you get to the heal flatten it out towards the toe end and keep overlocking
the top peice will be shorter than the bottom piece thes wa not sown in the clip but as i didn't have a pattern Its cool

I just chopped the extra long bit off. hen you can finish how evr you like i just left them rew as this is polar fleece and wont fray but good enough for around the house and in bed on the colds nights we get here. 
turn your socks and pull out the flat locking so they have no lumps and bumps

And we have socks that match our jammies  and they don't want to come off in a hurry.

I am putting this out there and I think it may need a review so if there are any questions please Ask questions and I will be happy to help with your sock making projects.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The rest of that orange Blanket

Remember that orange blanket its an epic tale isn't it but I made another winter coat out of it and 2 berets there really is not much left of it at all.

My friend Bronxbabe 's little one with her new coat
fully lined in pink satin with ginger bread men and little hearts.

my cheeky little beret monster I made 2 but we only need a pic of one :P
 not much left to keep of the blanket now.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A spot of sewing.

I haven't been on line much the last day or so. I broke my poor overlocker  and thought I had really done it I broke the stitch finger and lost it in the machine, but the service man thinks he can fix it. My sewing class was a fizzer so I walked in to a local tourist shop and was wearing my coat The one from Bits Pieces  Well they wanted me to make some however the owner felt a coat was too much so I knew I wanted to try jumpers well here are the 5 for the shop. here they are. It is always just a little colder here than you think it will be.

Anyways I did replace my overlocker so I could keep on sewing And get these done. Woohoo I will have 2 now if the other one can be fixed.
pretty pinky purple

May the force be purple really

Berry cobbler

Chocolate raspberry ripple

Goldfields Ruby

 Ita has been cold and miserable at night and the flanny jammies just weren't cutting it so Zoobeedoo wanted me to finaly cut in to her Dora fleece we got from spotlight 2 years ago. She was using it as a blanket. Any way a set of freestyle jammies (no pattern) where created Can any body see the booboo in the Jammies?
I should be in bed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woolly swap

 A little while ago I arranged with Tas from Little Boozle for a woolly swap I don't knit for various reasons  I get tempted but then it goes as fast as it comes so this swap was perfect for me

Tas is an awesome knitter I love hand knitted things for me and my children I lost my knitters  over the years to death and divorce. So I really appreciate it when I can swap or pay for some one to knit for me. Tas made one of Tikis Orental lillies I provided the wool.

my little model wanted to know where the pink was

I told her to look at her legs

She was happy with that and gave her new jumper a great big hug. 

An elf coat for Mae I hear she loves her coat too .

I think I got the better deal for this swap Thank you very very much Tas I will swap with you any day :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nadine's coat

Remember I was going to do something special with that orange blanket? 
And give it away on my blog.  
well here it is
That orange blanket.

Lined in the palest pink satin.
Oh it runs large but hey they did have more hand knitted jumpers back then :)