Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dolly Week

Four babies done and one more to make for my cousin. The mermaid challenge from a friend. I think it turned out Ok Love the gold thread scales.

Well it's back to uni next week for me and after a mess up with child care and a little concern about clinicals and being ready All is set for the big clinical attempt 8 weeks beginning in October, provided I don't get sent to far afield. Don't get me wrong I really love adventure but full time work away from home while wrangling a 3 year old in a motel room and working out her child care arrangements are more my idea of hell, than an adventure. So to set my mind at ease I have been making again here they are.

A little friend for a new big sister has gone to her new home. She is yet to be named. See how she matches the gift in the last post :)

A little "kid" doll for Zoobee a mermaid challenge and "Charlie". They all look pretty happy up there.
This is what I am doing with left over nappy making material isn't it pretty? This is made of cotton velour and it is one of Zoobee's favorite tops. Looks amazing with jeans.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rose red and Pink sheep

After and during the dramas this last week. Involving missing teenthing 16(found very fast thank you to the blue people) I did some more sewing and finished a marathon dress I have never hand appliqu├ęd before. So 8 sheep on the bottom of this dress are all done by hand a marathon for me.

I like my projects done fast because I don't have allot of patience. or if they are going to take time there needs to be at least an out line or a shape of things to come. thats why I DON"T knit. Now i am just too slow.

I also welcome new Robert's little cousin and i have made a few little somethings for her.

Looks like I am starting an Enid Gilchrist collection.My Ex MIL used to use these alot She never let me see them or even use them when my older children were small we really were cash strapped and I had access to her machines. I didn't like what she made back then but i think it was the way she embellished and how she used fabric not the patterns. These would have been useful to me way back then and would have saved money. Goes to show me that control was more the issue in that whole family.
My MIL now is sharing woman and with out her I wouldn't have access to allot of lovely fabrics and pleater to do smocking. I thank her that i can now smock and have confidence to free style allot of my sewing. Saving money and helping to make a tiny bit on the side.

Little bo peep from Australian smocking and embroidery with someofthe fabric from my MIL's stash I think its much nicer than plain gingham.I am continualy amazed at how warm smocked dresses are in winter for a quilting cotton, and also how cool they are in summer.
This is for a little new cousin the red is a little pinker than in the pic but I hope it is loved and used. A little hat and pouch doll and a big warm taggy blankie.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reflections or venting?

I haven't done much crafting but I have had my boys up to visit over the holidays. They bought a friend. All is good we have been having a lovely time I do miss my boys since I moved up here It was a fight that and Zoe misses them very much when they go to thier dad's place? I know from what my boys tell me and what my girls tell me its not easy for them there. The step mother yells and is very demanding their father works late most nights so they are left with her. I wonder why they just don't come live with me since they are old enough to walk. but they choose to go back each time.

Each time they come back their mood is sad and they are not the boys I left in their fathers care 3 years ago my boys didn't need to be reminded time after time to take care of their hygienic needs now my younger one (13) needs to be reminded to go to the toilet and wipe him self. Yes it's that bad! I still struggle with bed wetting but because of how often I have my boys I cannot get in to a pediatrician and their dad won't take them as it is not a problem for them, so they tell me in one breath, but in the next they are telling me how many mattresses they have been though because of his bed wetting. yet they refuse to do any thing about it and my hands are tied. My washing machine is tired after the holidays too.

Well any way the boys just moved in to their newly carpeted bedrooms(now to get the downstairs out) back to a room each and my son(16) mucking around with his mate puts him through the wall so now there is a huge hole in the wall. I couldn't yell and let them have it but I went really quiet there no point yelling and carrying on it only hurts my voice. I made Mr 16 ring Rob to tell him about it and apologize Mr 16 and friend will be fixing it tomorrow! He thought he was going to see a girl.

OMG are the girls today hussies or what this one is chasing Mr16 and Mr spare teen like they were the last men on earth she already kissed Mr 16 and gave him a chest infection (girl germs hehe) now he wants to go stay at her place tomorrow Oh boy I think she is a ladette from the comments she makes on the boys face book accounts. Time to tell Mr 16 about girls like that hehe.

Just saw Mr 13 and Mr "spare teen" dancing to Mario Brothers music how cute! That is the stuff that makes the crap worth it.

Rob went back to work after taking some time off just to sort things out the end of this extention process is getting on top of me there are tiles to get up and the stuff that we put down stairs has to go somewhere else including every thing down stairs so we can pull up the old carpet( its not that old!:'(!) and get the new carpet in then sort out the house again so its finished. I really wasn't ready for him to go back to working away. Ah well this is life and it goes on. I guess after everything I am one lucky lady, and I am loved even as I type these thoughts with Zoe asleep on me. next to the fire on this cold winters day.