Friday, June 24, 2011

A spot of sewing.

I haven't been on line much the last day or so. I broke my poor overlocker  and thought I had really done it I broke the stitch finger and lost it in the machine, but the service man thinks he can fix it. My sewing class was a fizzer so I walked in to a local tourist shop and was wearing my coat The one from Bits Pieces  Well they wanted me to make some however the owner felt a coat was too much so I knew I wanted to try jumpers well here are the 5 for the shop. here they are. It is always just a little colder here than you think it will be.

Anyways I did replace my overlocker so I could keep on sewing And get these done. Woohoo I will have 2 now if the other one can be fixed.
pretty pinky purple

May the force be purple really

Berry cobbler

Chocolate raspberry ripple

Goldfields Ruby

 Ita has been cold and miserable at night and the flanny jammies just weren't cutting it so Zoobeedoo wanted me to finaly cut in to her Dora fleece we got from spotlight 2 years ago. She was using it as a blanket. Any way a set of freestyle jammies (no pattern) where created Can any body see the booboo in the Jammies?
I should be in bed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woolly swap

 A little while ago I arranged with Tas from Little Boozle for a woolly swap I don't knit for various reasons  I get tempted but then it goes as fast as it comes so this swap was perfect for me

Tas is an awesome knitter I love hand knitted things for me and my children I lost my knitters  over the years to death and divorce. So I really appreciate it when I can swap or pay for some one to knit for me. Tas made one of Tikis Orental lillies I provided the wool.

my little model wanted to know where the pink was

I told her to look at her legs

She was happy with that and gave her new jumper a great big hug. 

An elf coat for Mae I hear she loves her coat too .

I think I got the better deal for this swap Thank you very very much Tas I will swap with you any day :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nadine's coat

Remember I was going to do something special with that orange blanket? 
And give it away on my blog.  
well here it is
That orange blanket.

Lined in the palest pink satin.
Oh it runs large but hey they did have more hand knitted jumpers back then :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boys need to be warm and elvan too

I can make boys coats too its just that the only model I have is a girl  haha. 

Kriste from platinum babies was lamenting I didnt make boys coats so the challenge was on and here it is.  I hope you like it  :)

It looks a little wonky on the hanger.
but its not at all wonky.  Loving the big hood. 

This is a size 4 boys coat long enough to cover the bum, with thumb holes too for that little bit extra warmth. and an extra long pixi hood just cause its not a pixi coat with out one. There will be pockets on  it too.