Saturday, March 12, 2011


I think i am done I hope I am done but some how I dont think so.
Cinderella,  SnowWhite and Princess Aroura(sleeping Beauty) have left their dresses for Princess Zoe to wear, dance and prance in.

I am very happy with how Snow whites sleeves turned out with the help of a reverse appliqué  tutorial  

It is hard to tell but when they are on her there is a pointy waist because princesses have to have them!

While we are on the subject of princesses I also tried a Princess cut dress  these are my first of that line I am pretty happy with how they turned out. The first one is left over bits of old fleecy with dot minky for the neck and sleeve binding the other one is denim with vintage buttons and quilting cotton bias on the pockets. they look fantastic with the leggins I made before. 

here is what I used to make my pattern. yes again it Enid Gilchrist.

I have some Top kids mags I want to make some stunning coats out of for winter. 

 Back to finding articles for this Damned essay. :(

I think I have winter nights sorted thanks to Enid

You  can't just buy good nighties any more, and nothing beats the flannel nightie  for warmth and comfort.  A pair of jammies however ,are more practical for the antics of  little ones. I had some flannel a good net friend sent me, you can see it in the body of the light pink pyjamas and the others are from  some I was saving for a quilt that may never be made.  Well not now as it is pyjamas.

raglan sleeve pyjamas thanks to Kristie from Platinum Babies for the pink pussy cat flannel for the body of the pink jammies :)

A foundation nightie, you couldn't get that in the shops any more . I reckon the monkeys are very funky.
 the pattern pictures just don't want to go right way up for some reason lol just turn your heads to the right angle :P  they both came out of the  "Sewing for your children" book.  but they are also in the other night wear book too.