Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here is my little one wearing her red birds dress, and another bog coat. Gum boots go so well with a pretty dress. I forgot to put on the sash but the dress really didn't need it, the hat is a disaster but it is the first I have ever made and it looks good in the picture haha.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Eek I'm going to have to work this out any way, here is Red Birds from Smocking and Embroidery
And a bog coat that looks like a really cute duffle coat there is more lol and this is what I did to prepare for exams. Any one would think I was studying dressmaking mot nursing!

Oh by the way I did get lots of preperation in the way of actual study done. So all should be good :)
This is a bag doll for my nieces first birthday The first one like this I have made the bottom is wool form the Creswick woollen mills the red is cotton velour and the face and hands are recycled tshirt. Zoe loves it so much i am going to have to make another for her but i don't have any more purple wool.

Well as promised here are a few pictures of the things I got up to whist studying for exams. Oh my
Well here I am It's been a while and lots of encouragement but I really hate journaling I do any thing to avoid it. Well I am mum of 5 grand mother of 1 a Division 2 nurse studying to become a division 1 nurse so I suppose there will be a little about that in here too. But mostly crafting,baking cooking and how I live my life. I will up load pictures of my latest crafts and things people have been wanting to see later today or tomorrow morning just to see how it all goes.