Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stop and smell the roses

This week end somethings just grabbed me  Blogger would not let me in so if your seeing this again you know I  have just copied this of my Facebook note I know some of you are not on face book I just had to share.
 So here I am.  
 It was a relatively wet weekend but that didn't stop the Kyneton show from going on. and the sunshine in the breaks in the rain were just spectacular.
 On Friday night the rainbow over the tiny ute muster at the Kyneton show( not a stand out show but still good enough).

I couldn't get an entry to the show for a crafty thing. I really wanted to but my machine died and then apathy attacked. 

 My fire cracker waiting for fire works.

When i saw a perfect rose on Saturday morning that i had grown in my garden (Ialwaydthoughti was a black finger ) with rain drops on it it cheered me up and had ME singing  you know the song  lol corny I know but it had me.

That night i made a nighty for me and finished a dress that i had started form a beautiful printed  poppy stretch satin (Oh she was a bitch to sew on the old machine i borrowed but the baking paper trick did it.

wrap dress , nightie

 Made some hats and a peace hat for a little baby due very soon.

Today was glorious sunshine after the rain and a perfect day for the Malmsbury fayre( yeah i know it's the way they spellt it )  so Zoe had he ruffle pants on and our new hats she has 3 again after last year something togowithevery style but I better make he one to go with pink.  I got so many compliments on our hats and her pants.  I'll be smiling for weeks.  Whilst there we met or dear friends Victoria and Libby and many neighbours. Just a Divine weekend all in all.  Complete with sound track haha
 Umbrella, THe rainbow song,Firework, Favourite things, Sunshine after rain and Walking on sunshine. 
 now to eat dinner of chirrozo sausage and penne and  desert of passion fruit sponge.

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