Saturday, April 30, 2011

A twirly swirly dream coat

I promised pictures of the Little coat modelled. Life(degree) got in the way. Clinical placements are rather exhausting but they are nearly done. Watch this space as I am about to go to market OMG.
winter jammies from previous post

poor minky
I think she loves it, it hasn't been of exept when she is too hot to wear it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I am inspired by the Internet and all the wonder full people out there with amazing talents I have a talent I have found because of this wonderful world and that is that I can  work out how things are made then make them. Katwise is an awesome designer and I would one day love to own one of her creations but my hyena skills are sadly lacking. after studying hers and several other creators of these amazing dream coats I had to have a go my self I do prefer much brighter colours but i used what i had including my favorite  bum around the house jumper. What I came out with looks like  either hot chocolate with pink marshmallows  or chocolate and strawberry ice cream.

One very scared Pile of jumpers I was scared too.

Hot chocolate with marsh mallows or icecream and My very own purple people eater

A coat of many colours for  the said purple people eater
I had to do it again as mine is not as swirly as i would like  so i had some leftover Madlen mills fleece and minke left over from nappy making. the nappy people amongst you will know how squishy and warm MM fleece is so the body is made of that using a wonderful pattern called a bog coat from here I have used this tute a few times and it makes amazingly easy effective coats for kids. i made the skirt a full circle this time so there is a good twirl factor. Kat I hope you don't mind that i used you for inspiration. I would love to inspiration for others. My little one hasn't seen her coat yet but i know she will love it.. My wonderful partner has been humming a coat of many colours all morning ha ha. I have done other sewing but these special coats had to be shared.