Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursdays sewing

A red blood cell cant party alone now can it?
What a day I had. I some how got an urge to make cells and microbes so So I made some red blood cells I think they turned out ok you see you cant have just one of them. Yes I know we need more than just red cells but there are a few viruses and bugs I have my eye on too.

Well I was on face book and Claire distracted me with this tute So I had to make a couple of them too.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Peanutt today is a bit sore and sorry for her self 4 days post op.

Over the last couple of weeks my beautiful puppy has had her dramas. She went lame one morning and as it had been raining allot here so the back yard was a bog and very slippery in places I thought she had hurt her foot. So off to the vet we went, a weeks worth of anti inflammatory medication worked really well until they ran out. Nutt went lame again. We did the repeat trip and had X-rays and a biopsy because there was a suspicious lump just below her shoulder The vet told us the news and we made a decision to amputate 2 days later. It's day 3 now post amputation and finally my Nutt has decided it's time to rest. Zoe however is vomiting today and yesterday... Woe is me.Add Image Woe is my puppy!I am the cuddle person
Peanutt last year with all her legs, who knew she had bone cancer growing then?
Her favourite sleeping position
having fun with Arden and a friend
When we first got her we went on the million paws walk for fun and because she came from the RSPCA.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Um" My Version

The Red Queen: And what is this?
White Rabbit: It's a who, majesty. This is... um...
The Red Queen: 'Um'?
Alice Kingsley: From Umbridge.
The Red Queen: What happened to your clothes?
Alice Kingsley: I outgrew them. I've been growing an awful lot lately. I tower over everyone in Umbridge. They laugh at me. So, I've come to you hoping you might understand what it's like.
The Red Queen: My dear girl, anyone with a head that large is welcome in my court. Someone find her some clothes, use the curtains if you must, but clothe this enormous girl.

Well if you have seen the movie and even if you haven't the dress the Red Queen give Alice is an amazing dress.

My oldest daughter asked me to make it for a party she promised to help and we did make the dress today after weeks of talking about it and studying it. The most painful thing was not all the gathering. It was trying to work out the over skirt and the top layer of the bodice. Though the bodice I feel needs boning now that I look at it she does have a corset hopefully that will give the bodice a better form.

After alot of searching andhunting for fabric or even ribbon like that daisy ribbon i was resigned to sewing the daisys on the ribbon my self then I found some fabric in my stash with daisies all in a row. Perfect !