Monday, November 14, 2011


I disappeared for a while because  some earlier posts hit some ones pride button.  So, I say again this blog is about how my life affects my creativity and with out the challenges in my life I would not have the impetus for creating anything.. See, I am defiant by nature and after I get over what ever challenges I encounter I tend to stand up and fight in my own way that may be sewing cooking or just doing better and being fabulous.  

 You helped to shape me and your actions towards me have also inspired creativity and the burn to do well thankyou  my abusers and one of their wives. I wish you well but Iwill say what i say just as you doand i will keep my own integrity and be true to my self  You arepart of it and if after 10years you cannot let go then I was worth something wasn't I?

 I have nothing to hide now I am Proud of who I am and you can never take that away So, I have some things to share since I threw up the privacy walls. I didn't stop sewing because I stopped blogging. actually I was never a super diligent blogger any way. Haha.

In the meantime I have been making A few things.

Dragon dress

Pink hair and lots of loving.
Farbenmix "Emma" amd my leggins and shrug in lime velour and satin at Pt Lonsdale

Satin baby doll pyjamas from Enid Gilchrist (vintage 50's)
ENid again early 1960's play suit altered to have open legs rather than bloomers.
Portabellopixie ruffle pants
Portabellopixie Grace
Poppy cock Recipe here replace Karo with maple syrup don't worry bout the butter flavouring ( WTF) We used  pecans and almonds YUM!

A real tutu that stands out!
My first tutu its a real sewn tutu  thanks to Clairebear
The roses I grew that smell devine
Ummmmmm i think i better sell some of these  oops 
And someting for the comunity I will be there.
 I also found a Found a kindred spirit who has helped me no end :)

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