Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woolly swap

 A little while ago I arranged with Tas from Little Boozle for a woolly swap I don't knit for various reasons  I get tempted but then it goes as fast as it comes so this swap was perfect for me

Tas is an awesome knitter I love hand knitted things for me and my children I lost my knitters  over the years to death and divorce. So I really appreciate it when I can swap or pay for some one to knit for me. Tas made one of Tikis Orental lillies I provided the wool.

my little model wanted to know where the pink was

I told her to look at her legs

She was happy with that and gave her new jumper a great big hug. 

An elf coat for Mae I hear she loves her coat too .

I think I got the better deal for this swap Thank you very very much Tas I will swap with you any day :)

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  1. And here am I thinking that we got the better deal. I guess that makes it a very successful swap then! ;)