Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amazing colours

out side

It was Zoobee's birthday on the weekend and we had our family (household) afternoon tea so she requested a rainbow cup cake.  So I made a giant one it was enough for just us
Zoobee loves princesses in-case you haven't noticed ,so I bought some princess flannel   for her birthday.  She wanted me to make a nightie out of it.

I have the latest jumper shopping adventure drying by the fire.  I also found this glorious orange blanket. I think I will make a coat  or 2 from it  one to give away on this blog..   So leave a comment if you want one and tell me size and if you want a boy coat or girl coat some one will recieve this OOAK coat.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I can sing rainbows too

Winter berries 
Hawthorn sprite

I can sing a rainbow too, but it needs to be blocked to b better.

 I am Willing to sell custom coats from my blog.  These are spoken for and have been made with love for a friend whos girls love there new coats so much they haven't taken them off. They are a huge pleasure to make and i love how you never really know just how they are going to turn out.