Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yoga band on leggins

Well I thought it was about time for my first tutorial. I figured out a great way to make a yoga band on leggings when I made a skort for Zoe so here goes get your normal pattern to make leggings there's even heaps of tutorials on line have a google Here is the one I used and a bit of this too
Had a legging attack and ran out of elastic :~s
Here is how I tackled that issue
here is mine all cut out 

when you sew up the crotch see what I did i took about an inch wedge  on each side and over locked it, so that this will make it about 4inches smaller around the waist  the stretch will hold the leggings on ;)

fold the waist band down so that is comes to where you cut in

then fold that inside the legging and press now and pin I didn't press :p.   I wish  I could find the emoticons here.

over lock the top catching the fold and the edge of the material

then the legs......

here it is on the side

a close up,  you can fold the waist down if you want this helps make the band firmer.

Kinda went a bit silly

Look Mum no elastic!


  1. I tested on a chunky kids and my skinny one and they held up to pony riding and a run and swings too. Thanks Kristie it is cool :)