Sunday, February 6, 2011

So I thought I'd get domesticated

Skirt that is. Whilst reading one of my favourite forums  craftymammas, I happened upon this skirt. now its not often I'll show my belly as it has had 5 children in it and i am far from a size 10 but this skirt had me and had to be made. Well because I have a few more extra exaggerated curves I put a button in the middle of the back and front of the skirt and a button hole in the top corners so if I felt like a tie I could do that too I do like the button idea as it a bit more secure than a tie and by hemming rather than binding I managed to make 2 of these skirts in an hour. Pretty darned amazing I'll say. I used dark denim and quilting cottons from my stash. Stitched in yellow 

Princess Zoe still wearing her dress

Yeah its not often id let any one see that belly! 
Can't believe that This is the last year of uni and placement starts week 2 that in 4 weeks time OMG!  There will be more sewing between now and then hehe.


  1. Hey they look great!
    I really want to make that skirt too. :)

  2. Oh they look great Kel! I bookmarked this too, must must must do it!