Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sewing Summer

A circle skirt long and languishing sorry about the side angle.
An Enid Gicrhist pini
The Solar dress from Indeitudes This dress used 2 canteen bandannasand I used elastic cause it was pretty and i had some lying around.
2 more stash busting circle skirts How "Mad" is the skully one? The other one is so tiny I wasn't sure it would make it below her undies but it does and its probably her favourite one

I also made a couple of baby nighties for a friend who had a baby just before midnight new years eve. No pictures of them sorry :( But they Were Enid Gilchrist raglan wrap nighties.

My older children lived in them when they were tiny Zoe was the only one who missed out on these treasures.

I have more for another post some grown up things for me. I call all this stress sewing we can't go away due to lack of finances so to keep my mind happy I am sewing it used to be baking but I haven't even got enough to bake and fructose intolerance is a bugger when I have to totally relearn every thing about cooking.

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