Friday, December 10, 2010

The effects of Clincals and study

It has been a while since I made a post. This is because I have been studying for end of year exams and I have had 8 weeks clinicals meaning not allot of time to blog but I did sneak in a BIT of sewing time. I made Zoobee's Christmas dress, she wore it to her child care Christmas party. Also a tea pot cosy so there are going to be a few pictures.

My teapot cozy a wonderful friend gave me some of her stash. I had no idea what to use

it for but my tea was going cold studying so I caved in to my inner Nana and had to make a cozy. It was a perfect match. Right way up a cozy for my big pot. And you can see the beautiful Geisha

My troublesome tea pots.

Zooebee's Christmas dress Yes its an Enid Gilchrist pattern and vintage fabric. She wore it to her child care's Christmas party .

She even didn't mind Santa this year. He was a bit skinny though hehe.

The infamous pattern that I don't have.

The walk-away dress I really don't see what all of the fuss was about. Yes Its an awesome dress but I had it done with its corresponding muslin and no pattern just before a 1.30pm lunch.
This dress is the first real thing I have made for my self. Really, after reading and googling all over the blogisphere looking at it and how people made it and fought with it I thought I would give it a go I am pretty darned happy with it and yes i made it and a muslin in time for a 1.30pm lunch. Not working too hard with it. I am chunky in the front big tummy and big boobs, I decided not to put in the front darts.

I am pretty happy with it, and it is totally wearable. The fabric for the dress is a Japanese print called "sevenberry" and I got it from Rathdown Remnants in Brunswick. OMG it was like I had died and gone to heaven Sooooooooo much fabric and ohh so cheap the dress cost me $15 in fabric there is 4 1/2 meters in it. Well somethings have to be worth waking up at 4 am.

Clinicals make me so tired and some days I don't even get to see my little one. Some times getting only 4 hours sleep. Coming home when the family is asleep and leaving before they wake up is not fun but it will be worth it in the end, I guess. Still I reckon most people would think I am studying sewing hehe.
It has been a cool start to summer hence the long sleeved tshirts under every thing.

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