Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Straya Day!

I made a "solar dress" from some Chinese made bandannas that were in the supermarket yesterday perfect for Australia day the hat was from the Herald sun  She loves it

 I don't think you can see it but this dress has a v waist I love them just like a princess.  Its an Enid Gilchrist dress too, ment for a heavier fabric but I think this is pretty.

A little poser in the dress she requested, is oh so full and if you put a petty skirt on under it it just poufs out like a big ball gown.
 She loves it.


  1. really Pretty! Did you want to post it oneto the Enid Group blog? Just send me your email address so I can send out an invite to put you on the blog Cheers Tracy

  2. Oh how pretty...lil Miss and the dresses <3