Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dolly Week

Four babies done and one more to make for my cousin. The mermaid challenge from a friend. I think it turned out Ok Love the gold thread scales.

Well it's back to uni next week for me and after a mess up with child care and a little concern about clinicals and being ready All is set for the big clinical attempt 8 weeks beginning in October, provided I don't get sent to far afield. Don't get me wrong I really love adventure but full time work away from home while wrangling a 3 year old in a motel room and working out her child care arrangements are more my idea of hell, than an adventure. So to set my mind at ease I have been making again here they are.

A little friend for a new big sister has gone to her new home. She is yet to be named. See how she matches the gift in the last post :)

A little "kid" doll for Zoobee a mermaid challenge and "Charlie". They all look pretty happy up there.
This is what I am doing with left over nappy making material isn't it pretty? This is made of cotton velour and it is one of Zoobee's favorite tops. Looks amazing with jeans.

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