Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rose red and Pink sheep

After and during the dramas this last week. Involving missing teenthing 16(found very fast thank you to the blue people) I did some more sewing and finished a marathon dress I have never hand appliqu├ęd before. So 8 sheep on the bottom of this dress are all done by hand a marathon for me.

I like my projects done fast because I don't have allot of patience. or if they are going to take time there needs to be at least an out line or a shape of things to come. thats why I DON"T knit. Now i am just too slow.

I also welcome new Robert's little cousin and i have made a few little somethings for her.

Looks like I am starting an Enid Gilchrist collection.My Ex MIL used to use these alot She never let me see them or even use them when my older children were small we really were cash strapped and I had access to her machines. I didn't like what she made back then but i think it was the way she embellished and how she used fabric not the patterns. These would have been useful to me way back then and would have saved money. Goes to show me that control was more the issue in that whole family.
My MIL now is sharing woman and with out her I wouldn't have access to allot of lovely fabrics and pleater to do smocking. I thank her that i can now smock and have confidence to free style allot of my sewing. Saving money and helping to make a tiny bit on the side.

Little bo peep from Australian smocking and embroidery with someofthe fabric from my MIL's stash I think its much nicer than plain gingham.I am continualy amazed at how warm smocked dresses are in winter for a quilting cotton, and also how cool they are in summer.
This is for a little new cousin the red is a little pinker than in the pic but I hope it is loved and used. A little hat and pouch doll and a big warm taggy blankie.


  1. Beautiful stuff Kelly, I am always amazed at how motivated you are and how much stuff you get made. Hey I was looking for dolls clothes patterns on ebay the other day and there was an Enid Gilchrist pattern on there, I will see if it's still there and send you the link :)

  2. Gorgeous Kelly! I love the smocking! Aren't Enid mags great? I'm so glad I found your blog :)