Thursday, October 7, 2010

No more annotations just some sewing.

It has been a while, uni had me going mad with an annotated bibliography. Now thats done I just had to let out some steam. So over the last few days I made, 1 Enid Gilchist dress, 2 petti skirts and 3 peasant tops.
After all the rain can't help but show off the green grass all around too.

Oh I saw some Canteen bandannas today while in the super market so I made one pair of blue monster culottes and one tiered pink heart twirly skirt. Both use 2 bandannas each.

I am still no good at putting my pictures and comments together. I will learn this medium too. Zoobee is wearing the bandanna skirt and one of the peasant tops. I think the pink and purple petti skirt looks better than the black and red one. A couple more tops and summer will be sorted :) for tops that is........

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